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  • If you love sexy, Sleek, and natural looking hair then this is the texture for YOU! Our Cambodian Straight is for Women who love to wear their hair bone straight without having to flat iron it often. Its super low maintenance, after you silk it with flat irons you won't have to reapply heat for 3-5 days. This texture can hold curls and can be colored.


    * 100% Raw and Unprocessed hair.  Absolutely no synthetic fibers. Cut directly from a single donor and wefted. Completely Pure! No Matting or Tangling.
    * 100 grams

    * Can hold a curl for many days.  Easy styling
    * Wefts are Flat and seamless.The custom wefts allow for undetectable installations and minimal to no shedding.
    * Unlike our other wavy textures, this texture is much more thicker, denser and fuller.
    * Longevity: Can last up to 2 years  or more.
    * Hair can be colored (seek a professional)


    Our RAW Cambodian Natural Straight Is 100% Unprocessed Human Hair with cuticles running in the same direction. Thick from root to tips with naturally tapered ends as natural hair grows.  This texture promises to be the best hair extensions you will ever try or wear. Great for a sleek look.  We guarantee that each selection will have little to no shedding regardless of texture and wave pattern. 


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